LG SIGNATURE UPSE3024ST 30" Electric Slide-in Oven Range



Our electric range brings the heat with quick settings that allow you to cook in ways you never knew were possible. ProHeat™ Convection brings consistency into your kitchen with even and balanced heating throughout, even when all racks are in use. Our RapidHeat™ Burners can reach a higher temperature than any other and get there faster. The same goes for our RapidHeat Broiler with infrared heating that reduces cook times by 20%.* You can also take advantage of Speed Clean™ which will have your oven sparkling in only ten minutes. Our oven is even Wi-Fi Enabled so you can preheat and monitor when you’re away from home; just another way cooking can be electric, both literally and figuratively.

*Based on internal testing of Rapid Heat equipped range vs. comparable ranges without rapid, roasting a whole chicken at 375 degrees vs. Speed Roast Mode.


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